2023 NOWA EIC Contest

For material published/broadcast in 2022

DEADLINE: Entries must be received by February 15, 2023.

SEND TO: NOWA, 25 82nd Drive, Ste 101, Gladstone, OR 97027 or email to Dave@kbi-ins.com

HOW TO ENTER: We’ve updated the entry guidelines to make submitting your work very easy. Mail in hard copies or email PDF or JPG files of your published work. It is no longer necessary to remove your name or byline; we will do this for you. Email links for web based work. Here is an entry form, it’s not required but we’ll need this basic info. If you have any questions feel free to call or email; we are still working out the bugs on the simplification process and will be responsive to your needs or suggestions.

WHO CAN ENTER: Contest is open to NOWA members who have paid their dues.

NUMBER OF ENTRIES: A maximum of two entries per category.

MULTIPLE BYLINES: Articles or photographs with two by-lines are accepted as a single entry.

JUDGING: Judges will be professional writers, editors, photographers and broadcasters recruited to judge categories appropriate to their expertise.

PAYMENT: $8 per entry. Please total all entry fees and make one payment payable to NOWA by Check, PayPal or Venmo in US Dollars.

PRIZE MONEY: For each category; First Place $75, Second Place $50 and Third Place $25.


Category 1: Column of the Year
Submit three columns from any one publication from any written media (excluding books).

Category 2: Fishing Article
Story on any and all aspects of fishing. Must be predominantly fishing, not highlighting travel or destination
2A: fishing – newspaper
2B: fishing – magazine/newsletter
2C: fishing – web only/blog

Category 3: Hunting/Shooting Article
Story on any and all aspects of hunting/shooting. Must be predominantly hunting/shooting, not highlighting travel or destination.
3A hunting/shooting – newspaper
3B: hunting/shooting – magazine/newsletter
3C: hunting/shooting – Web only/blog

Category 4: Travel, Camping or Recreation Article
Story on any outdoor subjects including backpacking, are these, canoeing, general boating, backcountry skiing, snowshoeing, dog sledding, mountaineering, boating, hiking, biking, or similar outdoor travel adventure.
4A: travel/camping/recreation – newspaper
4B: travel/camping/recreation – magazine/newsletter
4C: travel/camping/recreation – Web only/blog

Category 5: Managing Our World
Article from any written media on park, wildlife, land use, fisheries, oceans, water and environmental concerns, plants, management, education, ethics, and use.

Category 6: Photography/Artwork
This category includes photographs as well as artwork used to illustrate any outdoor subject in any media. Photo/artwork mush have been published. By entering work in Category 6 the entrant is granting NOWA one-time use of winning photos in the NOWA newsletter and Website.
6A: People – subject is any human in an outdoor setting or engaged in outdoor recreation.
6B: Fauna – subject is any living creature in an outdoor setting.
6C: Outdoors – subject is an non-living subject; plant, tree or landscape in an outdoor setting.

Category 7: Books
7A: Book – Print
7B: Book – E-Book

Category 8: Humor on any outdoor subject in any medium

Category 9: Video
On any outdoor topic; Television/Video/Web

Category 10: Audio
On any outdoor topic; Radio/Podcast/Web

Category 11: All Other Media and Apps
This is our “catch all” category. If it’s outdoors related and doesn’t fit Category’s 1-10, submit it under Category 11.

Good luck!