2023 NOWA EIC Contest Winners

For material published/broadcast in 2022

Congratulations to this years contest winners! Many thanks to our sponsors, volunteers and participants that made this years contest a big success.

Special thanks to our judges: Dave Kilhefner, John Kruse, Wayne Heinz, Robert Mottram, Gary Lewis, Matt Liere, Brad Trumbo, Natalie Bartley, Lisa Maloney, Betrand Brown, Alan Liere, Tom Knight, Risa Wyatt, Rob Phillips, and John McFarland.

The mostly highly competed catagories this year were Column of the Year, Fishing Magazine, Hunting Magazine, Managing Our World, Books, and Humor.  

Category 1: Column of the Year
George Krumm1CreelFish Alaska Magazine
Brad Trumbo2Palouse OutdoorsWaitsburg Times
Dennis Dauble3The Natural WorldEast Oregonian
Category 2A: Fishing Article Newspaper
GI Wilson1A fish tale with a feel good endingKeizer Times
Terry Otto2Merwin Kids Fishing EventThe Columbian
Brad Trumbo3A Fly Fishing FarewellWaitsburg Times
Category 2B: Fishing Article Magazine
George Krumm1Decending RockfishFish Alaska Magazine
Gary Lewis2Fishing In CarsSalmon Trout Steelheader
Scott Dailey3Little TruckeeAmerican Fly Fishing
Category 2C: Fishing Article Web/Blog
Bud Journey1RenewalGlobal Outdoors
Randy Bonner2Bass Fishing in OregonVisit Corvallis
Randy Bonner3Trout Fishing around CorvallisVisit Corvallis
Category 3A: Hunting Article Newspaper
Brad Trumbo1Late Season CoversEast Oregonian
Gary Lewis2A Last Chance GobblerThe Bend Bulletin
Brad Trumbo3Huting the Time WarpWaitsburg Times
Category 3B: Hunting Article Magazine
Randy Bonner1Decoy Tactics Temp TomsNW Sportsman
Alan Liere2From DustUpland Almanac
Mike Willis3NevermoreBugle
Category 3C: Hunting Article Web/Blog
Brad Trumbo1Question for Columa River ChukarWaitsburg Times
Brad Trumbo2A Good Days Gunning for GrouseEast Oregonian
Category 4A: Travel/Camping/ Recreation Article Web/Blog
Alan Liere1The Big OutsideSpokesman Review
Dennis Dauble2Blue Mountain HuckleberriesWalla Walla Union
Brad Trumbo3Peddaling for PetalsWaitsburg Times
Category 4C: Travel/Camping/ Recreation Article Web/Blog
Lisa Maloney1The Lonely Watch ContinuesDiscover.Silversea.com
Lisa Maloney2Wrangell’s Alluring Black BearsDiscover.Silversea.com
Brad Trumbo3The Beauty of Winter on the PalouseWalla Walla Union
Category 5: Managing Our World
Glenn Zinkus1Klamath DamsAmerican Fly Fishing
Scott Dailey2Cleaning Up Californias Favorite LakeClimate
Terry Otto3Clackamas HatcherySalmon Trout Steelheader
Category 6A: Photography/Artwork People
Trevor Barclay1Cargo Trailer Deer CampGame & Fish Magazone
Dennis Dauble2Bass WhippingTri City Herald
Glenn Zinkus3School of Bones Right ThereAmerican Fly Fishing
Category 6B: Photography/Artwork Fauna
Brad Trumbo1House FinchWalla Walla Union
John McFarland2Pronghorn AntelopeOHA Calendar
John McFarland3Mule DeerOHA
Category 6C: Photography/Artwork Outdoors
Dennis Dauble1NF Coeur d’Alene RiverLaGrande Observer
Brad Trumbo2Yellow Faun LilyWaitsburg Times
Brad Trumbo3Seep Lakes RainbowsHarvesting Nature Magazine
Category 7: Books
Lisa Maloney1Moon Alaska (3rd Edition)Moom Alaska
Rob Phillips2Cascade KidnappingLatah Books
Randy Bonner3The Bead BibleAmato Publications
Category 8: Humor
Dennis Dauble1Bass WhippingTri City Herald
Gary Lewis2New Guy at Bear CampOregon Hunter
Alan Liere3ForgetfulUpland Almanac
Category 9: Video
Gary Lewis1Trout Spey: River LeftFrontier Unlimited
Richy Harrod2Passing on a Hunting TraditionHarrod Outdoors
Gary Lewis3Flyfishing: The Mckenzie RiverFrontier Unlimited
Category 10: Audio
John Kruse1Yellowstone Essential FliesNorthwestern Outdoors Radio
John Kruse2Disabled Hikers GuideNorthwestern Outdoors Radio
Cam Parry3White Sharks off Oregon CoastKWRO Radio
Category 11: All Other Media and Apps
Lisa Maloney1Hiking Alaska Websitehttps://hikingalaska.net/