NOWA Membership

Hi Everyone, good news. The NOWA board has lowered the Regular Membership fee to $25 per year for 2021. A couple folks have already paid the regular renewal rate of $50 and will credited for 2 years.

We have a Paypal account set up, below are links. If you don’t trust links, you can log into your Paypal account and send the money to

Regular, Apprentice & Retired ($25)

Supporting Members ($100)

If you want a paper or PDF renewal invoice, just let us know and we’ll get one to you ASAP.

You can also mail in your membership dues to:

NOWA, 25 82nd Drive #101, Gladstone, OR 97027

Thank you for your continued support of the Northwest Outdoor Writers Association, it is sincerely appreciated!

NOWA Supporting Member Application