This years photo shootout was a lot of fun! Wenatchee is a great place to be on the loose with camera in hand.

First place honors go to Keith Szafranski with Joe Warren a very close second. Photo categories were Parks & Trails, Hydro, Blossoms and Fish and Wildlife.

Category Winners

The rest of the photos:

Wenatchee, Washington

Although the four photo categories still are top secret, here’s the overview of how the contest will work:

WHO’S THE BOSS? Contest manager is Bert Gildart, with the assistance of Dave Vedder.

WHEN DOES IT START? Contest rules and entry forms will be available Thursday, April 25 at 12 noon at the Registration Desk at the Red Lion [Lobby—Lower Level]. The rules and entry forms will also be available at the evening wine social at Dave Vedder’s house.

WHEN DOES IT END? Entries must be returned on Saturday, April 27 by 10 am at the Red Lion Hotel to Bert Gildart. No late entries accepted.

HOW MUCH CAN I WIN? For each of the four categories, the first-place winner is awarded $50.


  • Contestants can enter up to TWO images in EACH category on a flash/thumb drive or CD.
  • Entries should be in jpeg format and be approximately 6”x9” in size @ 240 dpi.
  • Instructions for labeling entries will be announced—along with the categories—when you sign up for the contest.
  • Please include an image of your business card or equivalent with your entries.
  • Winners will be announced at the banquet on Saturday evening, April 27.

ANY QUESTIONS?  Contact Bert Gildart:  M: 406-249-9058