Call for Queries – 2020 Fish Alaska Magazine

As soon as possible please send queries of stories for consideration for 2020 Fish Alaska issues. The editorial calendar will be developed over the few weeks.

Submit a proposed article title and paragraph describing what the article will be about.

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Standard length for a feature article in Fish Alaska is 2500 words, though we do often publish smaller or larger features.
  • Upon submission, we’ll want at least a dozen great photos.  More is always better than too few
  • First run only; we don’t like to reprint anything that has been published elsewhere

I look forward to working with you in 2020!

George Krumm, Editor; Fish Alaska Magazine, Hunt Alaska Magazine cell: 907-529-6172 email:




Hilleberg Social Media Coordinator in Redmond, WA

We are a small, prestigious firm in the outdoor industry looking for the right person to join our marketing team in Redmond, WA, USA. Our marketing team plans and creates ads worldwide, manages all social media content, develops and manages a multi-lingual website, and creates video and digital content as well as an 85 page annual handbook in three languages.

We are seeking an enthusiastic and organized Social Media Coordinator. You will create content and manage all of Hilleberg’s social media channels, Hilleberg the Tentmaker Facebook and Instagram, and Hilleberg Hunting Facebook and Instagram. You will be responsible for the full scope of content creation: generating plans and ideas for content and campaigns; processing incoming images; managing photo licenses and communication with photographers; uploading and tagging images in QBank, our digital asset management platform; retouching and cleaning up images in Photoshop; writing copy for posts on all channels; scheduling posts on all platforms; and tracking and reporting on platform performance. You will work closely with the other members of the Marketing Team, and report to both the Creative & Marketing Director and to the CEO.

You need to have a strong interest in the outdoors and enjoy time in the backcountry backpacking, hunting responsibly, climbing and the like. We want you to enjoy spending nights in our tents, and to share our passion for the outdoors and land conservation.

You need to be creative and have solid experience working with all social media platforms, excellent organizational skills, a strong ability with both written and spoken communications, and have intermediate to expert skills in Photoshop. Ideally, you will have prior experience with social media strategy and planning and executing campaigns. Previous work with Falcon media is a plus, as is experience with video and photography.

We are looking for someone who enjoys working in a team but at the same time is a self-starter and is someone who likes a challenge and can figure things out. As a small office we help each other out with various things as needed, and you will be expected to pitch in. This can be anything from answering phones and taking orders to helping out in the warehouse.

Salary: To be determined based on experience

Health Insurance and 401K is available

Bus pass, paid toll expenses, as well as local gym membership are also possible.

If you are the person we are looking for, send your cover letter and resume to


Associate Editor Position for Concealed Carry Magazine

Position Summary: To assist the Managing Editor and Content Team in the creation of Concealed Carry Magazine and other duties as assigned by the Managing Editor. To represent USCCA at events.


  • Research and write “departments segments for the magazine including but not limited to Letters To the Editor, Ask the USCCA, Book Reviews
  • Assist with copy editing and proofing the magazine during the production cycle
  • Assist the Managing Editor in meeting all deadlines and budgets
  • Assist the Managing Editor in arranging and acquiring content from freelancers
  • Assist the Managing Editor in providing and documenting payments to freelancers
  • Maintain current working knowledge of the firearms, self-defense and firearms publishing industries.
  • Be willing and able to work with minimal supervision on multiple projects in support of the USCCA mission

Assist in procuring, organizing and inventory of photo props for monthly photo shoots

Skills/Abilities and Education Requirements: 

  • Bachelors Degree in Communications/Journalism is preferred
  • Must have previous publishing experience
  • Must have the ability to work within a team to achieve the media team goal
  • Must have strong written and spoken communication skills
  • Must be willing to maintain the highest professional and ethical standards at all times
  • Must have experience and/or willingness to learn multiple computer software platforms for the all elements of magazine creation
  • Must demonstrate a respect for firearms safety rules and be willing to maintain a safe working environment with firearms and ammunition at all times
  • Must be willing and able to work with media outlets to present the USCCA story and core values
  • Must demonstrates the Core Values of Delta Defense, LLC.


About Delta Defense

Delta Defense LLC is the private company, in West Bend Wisconsin that provides Marketing, Operations and Customer Care for the USCCA. The USCCA provides self-defense education, training and legal protection to the most responsible gun owners.   Delta Defense, LLC, is one of the fastest-growing companies in America.  Inc. 5000 company SEVEN years in a row!  Journal Sentinel Top Workplace – 4 years in a row  Milwaukee Business Journal Top Workplace – 3 years in a row We hire rockstars, and help them rock even harder! We are a fun, fast-paced and rewarding place to work and grow!   We hire rockstars, and help them rock even harder!


June 2019 Vice President’s Message

Greetings NOWA members, NOWA continues to be strong and growing.

A month after our 2019 conference and the positive feelings continue to grow. Now NOWA is working on the 2020 conference. The tentative dates are April 30 through May 3. The location is the Shilo Inn in The Dalles, Oregon. In addition, NOWA members are looking for a 2021 conference site in Idaho.

Officers and Board Members

Our president, Ron Kerr, is undergoing chemo for the next few weeks, so send positive thoughts and prayers his way.

Bert Gildart was left off the list of new board members in my last report. He is filling John McFarland’s position until the term is complete in 2020.

Joe Warren was elected to fill a vacant position for a three-year term, ending in 2022.


EIC contests

Risa Wyatt and Dennis Dauble are reviewing the EIC rules and regulations. They will make recommendations for changes. Then, Dave Vedder and Alan Liere will conduct the EIC contests.

Constitution and Bylaws

Bob Mottram is the chair of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee. His committee of Janie Gildart, Dennis Clay, Dave Kilhefner and Bert Gildart have met two times in teleconferences.

A new page will be placed on the website with the proposed changes for review. Members will be encouraged to discuss the changes, most likely on a group teleconference as this venue has worked very well in the past. Feel free to contact me by e-mail about the proposed changes. We can then arrange a one-on-one telephone call or the teleconference if needed. The membership will be able to vote on the changes in a few months.


Dennis Dauble is the chair of the membership committee. He is guiding Janie Gildart and me in an effort to call every member listed in the current directory about continuing or rejoining membership in NOWA.

Website, directory and newsletter

The NOWA website is destined to become our information hub.

This website will provide the information previously distributed in our monthly newsletter, containing this report, other committee reports, craft improvement articles and member news will also appear on the website.

Dave Kilhefner maintains this site and is working on the membership directory.


Dave also is the chairman of the finance committee. Other members of this committee include Ron Kerr, Peter Schroeder and Jeremy Johnson. Look for his report on the website.

Conference site selection

Dennis Dauble, chairman of the 2020 conference site selection committee, secured The Dalles, Oregon for our 2020 conference site.

We are looking for appropriate conference sites in Idaho for our 2021 conference.

The ultimate goal is for NOWA to receive requests from throughout our coverage area to hold our conference in certain communities. Perhaps this goal is beginning to come true. Look what arrived in my inbox on May 31:

Hello from sunny Yakima!

I wanted to inquire about hosting your 2022, or future, NOWA Conferences. The Yakima Valley has so much to do, see and experience outdoors and I believe your attendees would have an amazing time here.

Kelly Darbyson, Convention Account Manager, Yakima Valley Tourism

Here is my reply:

Greetings Kelly,

Great to hear from you. Your inquiry about the NOWA conference in the Yakima Valley is welcomed and will certainly be considered. Let’s look at our state rotation: The year: 2019, Washington; 2020, Oregon (The Dalles); 2021, Idaho; 2022, Montana; 2023, Washington.

Consider joining NOWA as a supporting member now and attending the conferences until Washington is available again. As a supporting member you will be able to contact our members and provide press releases for our website.

Anxious to visit with you about the conference possibility.

Best, Dennis NOWA Vice President

Kelly indicated she would become a supporting member. Will guide her in this direction and attending our future conferences.

Board meetings

The board of directors held a teleconference meeting on Thursday, June 6, from 6 to 7 p.m. Bob Mottram was the acting chairman pro tem. Instead of going into detail here, the minutes will be produced on this website for all to see.

We will schedule and hold a board meeting every month. The meetings will be short, an hour or less.

Electronic voting

OWAA uses electronic voting. This avenue is being pursued as a way to save NOWA money, as mailing ballots will not be necessary. Basically, each member’s e-mail address gets one vote. The program allows only one vote be cast from the address.


OWAA also has simplified qualifications for the various categories for membership. They also don’t use a committee to approve the qualifications for membership. NOWA is also exploring these possibilities. More later.


The board is open to any and all questions and comments. Open dialogue is encouraged, as are e-mails and telephone calls between members.

What did I forget? Let me know.


NOWA vice president

2019 NOWA Conference Recap

The 2019 NOWA Conference in Wenatchee was a great success. A big Thank You to the Wenatchee Chamber for all their help, to Dave Vedder for opening his home for the Wine Social and to everyone that attended and donated their time and effort to pull it all together!


Enos Bradner: Dave Kilhefner

Fred L Peterson: Washington Dept of Fish and Wildlife represented by Jason Wettstein

Here’s a link to the Excellence in Craft Contest Winners:

Here’s a link to the Photo Shootout results with all the photos:

Here ‘s a collection of photos with captions from the conference. Enjoy!

Loading the Wenatchee Wagon…

Time draws near to load up the Wenatchee Wagon.

As you do, keep in mind the NOWA raffle/silent auction.

We gladly accept all donations–new, slightly used, old. I have seen many folks excited to win something you no longer need. This is a great way to de-clutter and make room for the new.

We will send you an acknowledgement of your contribution. Since NOWA is a registered 501(c)(3) organization, you may be able to use your donations as a tax deduction. Every little bit helps.

Questions, contact Jo Wilson, or call 503-390-4557.

NOWA Members on the Move – Feb 2019

February is a busy and productive month for many NOWA members. Here’s a taste of their adventures:

Dave Vedder traveled to Mexico for an extended stay to enjoy good weather, good food and good fishing!

Troy Rodakowki crossed the Pacific Ocean for his “regular job” and showed us how mixing business and pleasure is done!

John Kruse has been very active on the Sportsman Show circuit and as you can see, he really packs in the crowds!

Dave Kilhefner braved the cold to catch this “snowstorm steelhead” on Oregon’s Sandy River.

New Book Release: Hidden War

NOWA member Lynda O’Connor of O’Connor Communications is working hard promoting the new book Hidden War

YouTube Video Link:

Author John Nores website:

Hidden War: How Special Operations Game Wardens are Reclaiming America’s Wildlands from the Drug Cartels, exposes an astounding yet under-reported nationwide environmental emergency.

In Hidden War, author Lt. John Nores, Jr., recently retired after a 28-year career as a game warden with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, recaps the state’s aggressive campaign to eliminate Mexican drug cartels’ black-market trespass marijuana grow operations. Nores co-developed his department’s Marijuana Enforcement Team (MET), made up of 12 elite wildlife officers and K9s dedicated to stopping the destruction of U.S. wildlands, wildlife and waterways.  

“There are thousands of these grow sites throughout America,” Nores explains. “They’re not only in our remote and pristine public lands, but also within a stone’s throw of homes and schools in urban communities like California’s Silicon Valley. What’s going on out there is surreal; it’s like the Wild West with gunfights, foot chases, and cartel gunmen arrests on a daily basis. And it’s all happening within our nation’s borders.”

Hidden War describes the challenges in developing the MET, highlighting the team’s successes throughout their first six years of operations, as described in vivid mission accounts. From 2013 through 2018, the team arrested 912 armed cartel felons, destroyed nearly 3 million toxically tainted marijuana plants, and removed 705 illegal dams that were diverting and stealing millions of gallons of water from streams and lakes during the peak of the worst drought in California history. The MET restored hundreds of grow complexes, removing tons of grower waste, fertilizer, pesticides, EPA-banned toxins and more than 400 miles of plastic irrigation pipe.

“Despite our efforts, new grow sites are added every year, and we can’t handle this problem alone,” Nores says.

By enlisting the help of conservation groups and the legitimate cannabis industry, Nores demonstrates how this non-partisan issue must be addressed nationwide. Cartel-run grow sites have been found in 21 other states, with these same cartel groups responsible for human trafficking, gun running, methamphetamine and synthetic heroin production, and other atrocious crimes.

The 256-page hardcover Hidden War (ISBN 9781946267610) is published by Caribou Media Group. The book is available through all major and specialty booksellers for $24.99.


I truly enjoyed Mr. Nores’ book chronicling his Unique Tactical Unit and dogs working as a team against the Mexican Cartels in Northern California. The METs team are America’s newest heroes, and you will be thrilled with their escapades.” – Kenneth Kieser, Outdoor and Conservationist Journalist of 42 years  and member of the Waterfowlers Hall of Fame and National water Fishing Hall of Fame.

For those who care about the good earth and harbor deep respect for the legacy of icons such as Theodore Roosevelt and John Muir, this book is at once a clarion call for continued action and an eye-popping “must read.” – Jim Casada, Ph.D., Editor at Large, Sporting Classics

 “Hidden War” is a riveting expose of the egregious environmental catastrophe caused by the drug cartels producing black market marijuana. John Nores documents the unsung heroes who risk their lives to take on these well-armed vicious groups.” LtCol Oliver North USMC (Ret.)