2019 October NOWA Member News

October is a great month to be outdoors. Here’s some news from NOWA’s members:

From Paul Vang: Spent several days in and around Choteau MT, where we had our conference last year. My 80th birthday was on Thursday, the 17th, and my goal was to celebrate with a limit of pheasants. Alas I got skunked! I had to adjust my level of satisfaction to reality. I might not have gotten any pheasants, but I was out there with my dog and shotgun on my 80th!

For those who came to the Choteau conference, they likely missed one of the best shows around: the Big Sky of Montana, especially the October skies. Appropriately, that catch phrase, Big Sky, was coined by the novelist, A. B. Guthrie, who lived much of the time in Choteau.

From Jim Goerg: The Reel News is looking for and Advertising Sales Associate. Here’s the info: The Reel News AD SALES

From Dave Kilhefner: After 21 years Scott Richmond’s excellent fly fishing website Westfly went off the air on Oct 29th. This event was commemorated by a “Rondi” at at Beavertail Campground on the Deschutes River for a weekend of good food, fellowship and fishing. Scott rented the group campsite and posted the event on Westfly. Good times were had by all and it was a fitting end for the last chapter of Westfly.

Also, scored 2 article assignments from the call for queries posted on this website!

From Tom Knight: Here’s a chapter from my new book: 61 A TALE OF TWO MONSTER STEELHEAD^^.and OTHERS

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